Eau de parfum

Stirring fragrances of ancient aromas Farmacia Salvioni MontalcinoThe Salvioni 1905 perfume line stems from the very simple yet extremely ambitious idea of creating a line of fragrances that pay homage to the beauty of the territory where we have worked as pharmacists since 1905: Montalcino


Salvioni 1905 Cosmetics do not contain oil, mineral oils, paraben, nanomaterial, aluminum sulfate, heavy metals, petroleum, silicon, sulfates, gluten, or animal derivatives.
Farmacia Salvioni Montalcino


eau de parfum - 100ml

Complex and harmonious eau de parfum with pepper and licorice base suitable for autumn and winter for both men and women. As persistent and intense as a velvety hug. Perfumers alcohol, parfum, aqua-water ..

90 €


eau de toilette - 100ml

Soft, floral, and enveloping eau de toilette for women that winks at the elegant and curious Perfumers alcohol, parfum, aqua-water, linalool, limonene, citronellol, citral, Produced by Farmacia Salvioni ..

58 €


eau de toilette - 100ml

Fresh. Unisex. Particularly dry and modern embodying youthfulness and confidence. Ingredients: Perfumers alcohol, parfum, aqua-water, linalool, limonene, citronellol, citral. Produced ..

58 €
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