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The Salvioni 1905 cosmetic line started in the historical pharmacy in Montalcino, in the same laboratory where, around the year 1800, Clemente Santi, invented Brunello while trying to make wine last longer.
The idea is very simple and very ambitious at the same time: creating a product that pays tribute to the beauty of our land, to the reputation of our pharmacy, and, above all, to the people who live and invest in Montalcino.

People who are informed and attentive, who strive for a healthy lifestyle, whose choices are inspired by nature, by the pursuit of quality as well as by trust, which, in a small rural place like this one, is achieved. Day after day.
In our pharmacy, we have been dedicated to wellbeing for four generations since Dr. Giulio Salvioni became the owner in 1905 to pursue the ancient art of the apothecary which had already been in practice in these rooms since the sixteenth century.

In these rooms, around the mid 1800s, Clemente Santi created Brunello di Montalcino while trying to make wine last longer.
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Inside the historic Salvioni 1905 Pharmacy there is set up a large space dedicated to cosmetics and perfumes, where you can find the best international brands and, above all, our "Salvioni 1905" cosmetic line
Salvioni 1905 Cosmetics do not contain oil, mineral oils, paraben, nanomaterial, aluminum sulfate, heavy metals, petroleum, silicon, sulfates, gluten, or animal derivatives.
Farmacia Salvioni Montalcino
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